How It Works

Know What's Above You!

The BoreCam™ gives you a clear view of the side of a borehole allowing you to easily spot separations and other changes in the geology. Check out this footage taken in a salt mine.

1. Insert Camera Into Borehole

The insertion rods are screwed into the bottom of the camera. The rods are clearly marked at 1 foot intervals making it easy to determine camera depth. For best results, pre-flush the borehole clean with water to ensure optimal viewing.

2. View Overhead Geology

The camera will just fit in a 1″ diameter hole. An adapter is provided for use in larger holes. The camera lens views approximately 5/8 of the borehole and rotates freely to capture an unobstructed 360° view of the hole.

3. Record Data

Record and narrate over the footage in real time. The microphone is sensitive enough to allow you the convenience of leaving it in the case during use. The camera viewer comes equipped with an SD card allowing you to record footage for playback later or to transfer the files to your PC.

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